How To: Apply for an NBI Clearance


Getting an NBI clearance used to be a painstaking activity for every Filipino. Some needed to fall in line as early as 1AM to reach the daily cut-off. Good thing the government solved this problem. Now you can just go online to set an appointment and it will take you less than an hour to get your clearance. Here's how:

For first time applicants:

1. Go to the NBI Clearance official website ( to submit your application. Note that this is a REQUIRED step. NBI offices do not entertain walk-in applicants anymore. You need to create an online appointment first to retrieve the reference code you will present to the NBI officer.

2. Fill out the First Timer or New Applicant section of the online form with your details. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate as this will be the basis for your clearance. Also use a valid email address since the instructions for payment will be sent to your mailbox.

Review the information and check the "I ACCEPT TERM OF SERVICE" box on the bottom left portion. A dialog box will pop-up containing the terms and conditions of the transaction. Read it and click "I Agree"

3. You will be redirected to a new page where you need to fill out all your pertinent information. Make sure that  the data you enter is accurate as this will be the basis of your NBI clearance. Populate all required fields marked with an asterisk (*). Review all information before clicking the "Save Information" button at the end of the page.

4. After you click the Save Information button, your new profile will be created. At the upper right hand side of the screen, there will be two options: Apply for Clearance and Edit Information. Click the "Apply for Clearance" button to set an appointment.

5. A pop-up will appear asking you if you are applying for a NEW clearance or RENEWING an old one. Choose NEW. You will also be asked to fill-out the type of identification (ID) you will present on the day of your appointment.  Click I Agree and another pop-up will appear with a note about the Reference Code. Read it before selecting "Okay".

6. A new page will open and you will have the option to select the branch of your choice and the date you want to set the appointment on. On the right side, select the "Purpose (Local or Abroad)" and "Purpose Detail" from the dropdown menu. A summary of your appointment schedule will appear along with the price.

On the lower right section of the page, you can select the mode of payment. Each option will provide you the step-by-step instruction on how to pay the P140 fee so I won't go into details for each one. Make sure that you pay the amount before your scheduled appointment to avoid further delays.

You can also pay the P140 fee at the NBI office if any of the six options are not amenable to you. The NBI personnel will ask you if you have already settled the amount and if not, will point you to the queue where you can pay the fee.

A confirmation page will appear afterwards informing you that you have completed the process.

6. You can verify the status of your payment by selecting the "Transactions" tab at the left side of the page. All your pending transactions will appear along with the payment status.

A reference code will be provided after selecting the payment option. Make sure to take note of this code as this will be your gatepass when you go to the NBI office. No code, no entry. 

6. On the day of your appointment, go to your chosen NBI Office (the one you selected when booking an appointment online) and bring at least one valid ID - have it photocopied. (bring two to be sure). Dress appropriate since some NBI personnel can deny you entry if your attire does not follow their dress code. (See notes below)

Present your reference code along with the proof of payment. An NBI personnel will pull-up your details based on the reference number given and will ask you to verify if the details are accurate. Double check the information shown on the screen before confirming.

Your picture will be taken as well as your biometrics (fingerprint scanning). The system will then check the NBI database for any matches.

  • If none, you can proceed to the releasing area to get your clearance and you're done. :) Congratulations!

  • If, however, there is a match or a HIT, don't panic as long as you don't have a criminal record. You will need to wait for a few days before they release your clearance though. A date will be provided when you can return to the office to the claim the document.

For returning applicants:

1. Go to the NBI Clearance official website ( to submit your application. Note that this is a REQUIRED step. NBI offices do not entertain walk-in applicants anymore. 

2. On the upper right hand of the page, log in with your registered email address  and password. 

3. You will be redirected to your profile. Click the Apply for Clearance button and follow Step 5 onwards for first-time applicants (see above). Select "RENEW" instead of "NEW" for the Application Type. 


  • Dress appropriately. No tank tops, shorts, slippers and sando. The NBI personnel reserves the right to deny you entry if he deems that you are not following the dress decorum. I know someone who encountered this problem and she was asked to go home and change. 
  • Better to go to the office in the morning since there will  be less people. 
  • Choose the branch wisely. Some branches cater to a lot of applicants and may take time to release the clearance due to long lines. I heard the office in Mandaluyong and UN are ones to avoid. Based on personal experience, the office in Quezon City  Hall (near Fersal Hotel and Red Cross QC Chapter) is not that crowded. I got my clearance there in less than 5 minutes. :)
  • Photocopy your IDs since the NBI personnel will be asking for it. 
  • Make sure you are presentable so you won't look haggard in your NBI clearance. 

That's it. Let me know below if you have any questions and I'll try my best to address them. Goodluck! 

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